Santa's Jerkshop: Bill Maher Defends Atheism Against Rick Perry (VIDEO)

Bill Maher closed Real Time last night with a blisteringly amusing condemnation of Rick Perry that developed into a full-throated defense of Atheism at large.

Reflecting on the Texas Governor’s new law mandating that people can say Merry Christmas to one another without going to jail (you really can’t make this shit up), Maher compared “bimbo” Perry to Miss Utah, who brutalized a question on equal pay during the Miss USA Pageant last week.

Calling the New Rule, “If you’re thinking about the sanctity of Christmas in June, just stop”, Maher soon turned away from Perry himself and made the argument that Atheists are more ostracized in the United States than those of faith.

“It doesn’t matter what you worship as long as you worship something. Religious people aren’t afraid of other religious people. Oh, sure sometimes they kill and hate them, but they don’t fear them. They fear atheists, because we are the ones who aren’t clapping during ‘Peter Pan.’”

Those who watch Real Time regularly will not be surprised by Maher’s stance. The host himself is an avowed Atheist and can be quite acerbic on the subject of religion. Often his tone can be pretty unforgiving, but last night he seemed to find the perfect balance between ridicule of his target and pure comedic amusement.

See below.

Author: David Phillips

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