The Return of Jon Stewart! He Begs Cable News ‘Idiot Parade’ to ‘Shut the F*ck Up’ (Video)

Jon Stewart made his long-awaited return to The Daily Show on Tuesday night and of course, like everyone else has been doing of late, he talked about our impending date with Syria.

He called it “Uncle Jonny Stew’s Good Time Syria Jamboree” and proceeded to play various clips from politicians of all stripes talking tough about Syria. At one point, Stewart said, “Oh, right — we have to bomb Syria because we’re in seventh grade. And the ‘red line’ that they crossed is actually a d*ck-measuring ribbon.”

Stewart then played clips from conservative pundits who expressed their opinions on what to do about Syria, after which he told the “idiot parade” to just “shut the fuck up.”

The segment ends with Stewart mocking President Obama’s statement that any action against Syria would short in duration with “no boots on the ground.” To which Stewart responded, “You’re saying the only way to keep America’s pen*s from looking small is to take a somewhat ineffective action, purposefully designed to accomplish very little,” Stewart concluded. “We’ll call it, ‘Operation: Just The Tip.’”

Watch it below!

Author: The Blue Route

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