A Response to Pompous, Rich, Self-Justifying Conservatives

You pompous ass — Mr Cipher Conservative — or whatever your actual name is. You would have no problem with the rich collecting rents — not in the real estate sense, but in the financial sense of sucking on the federal teat — while you are so intellectually dishonest that you are unwilling to see how you directly benefit from all of the common things that taxpayers pay for. The 1% has so captured their regulators that they do not see the obvious benefits they unjustly get such as the carried interest rule, having income taxed as capital gains, and a whole host of other sweet deals.

I have disgust for those who have such a high opinion of themselves that they do not see that they have only been able to reach their incomes because of the common system fostered by all Americans, such as the common infrastructure that all of us have funded, the support for contracts through our court system, the protection of assets through our commonly funded police, fire and military. If the rich had to pay for any one of those things, their wealth would be instantly exhausted. They are getting away with regulatory capture such as happened with Alan Greenspan and Hank Paulson, who bailed out Wall Street ahead of main street.

Your lack of intelligence and inability to have any insight on this is just breathtaking. As Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes said: “Taxes are the price we pay for a civilized society.” If the vast majority of Americans stopped paying Social Security taxes that are diverted to pay for the general costs of the economy, if they stopped paying gas taxes and excise taxes and local and state taxes — all separate and unrelated to the isolated “income” taxes so beloved by the rich — your civil society would disappear in a second. Then, you would be safe for about a day in your mansion.

So, Cipher, you hiding behind the anonymity of the internet — the same one that was funded entirely by the U.S. government with taxes paid for by everyone , including the non rich. Many of the non-rich pay higher taxes than the rich and their 15% and you would be toast almost instantly without them.

Let’s look at your ridiculous example of the railroads. Where did those come from, eh? As described in “Railroaded” by Richard White, we know that the railroads were formed based on land grants given away practically for free to the wealthy in the form of land grants. Another form of rich welfare taken by wealthy people who then after the fact described themselves as deserving geniuses just as you have been trying to do — instead of the truth — naming them as rent-seeking cronies who unjustifiably took huge monies from the public, reaped massive benefits, and then announced that they had earned it all by themselves.

You fall back on these random numbers that you must have learned by listening to Freedom Works or Fox News propaganda when in fact your statistics are ridiculous. During the G.W. Bush years 65 percent of all income was taken by the 1%. During the Obama years a full 93 percent of all income was taken by the wealthy! You compare them to the destitute who made nothing! And you’re complaining that the poor aren’t paying enough? You are outrageous and a prime example of why Americans are outraged at the attitudes and self-serving ridiculous logic of people like you. You are just making up random percentages “70%” this, “80%” that. You’re living in a fantasy land that conveniently enables you and people with your same point of view to justify the abusive behavior that entitles you — you’re the entitled ones — to think you are justified in these huge rents, taken at government expense because you have been able to capture your regulators and Congress, a place where the average net worth is $913,000 each with many, many millionaires in the bunch. That has allowed situations where the tax laws have been engineered to allow carried interest, capital gains taxed at 15% and the tolerance of offshore tax evasion that goes unpunished because the Republicans work overtime to deny the IRS the funds it needs to do proper audits. Tax evasion is rampant right now.

So, why don’t you just take your money and leave? Isn’t it that simple, Mr Cipher? Just get out. Take your money and move someplace else. How hard could that be? But you won’t. You know — or should know — that you or your family will never be as safe elsewhere on the globe as you are here. So, you choose to lie and act like you pay higher taxes than do the rest of us, when in fact aside from income taxes you pay a lot less. You get income taxed as capital gains at 15 percent. Beyond $106,900.00, not another dime of FICA is removed and so you have shifted the tax burden from yourself to everyone who makes less than that, and they essentially fund the majority of government and have done so since Reagan in 1986 doubled the social security withholding from 6% to 12% under what he called “Revenue Enhancements” because his massive tax cuts for the wealthy left such massive deficits that there was no way his fictitious “trickle-down economics” could plug the hole.

You lob yet another made up ridiculous statistic of 95% that the rich allegedly pay. That is BS. Your last presidential candidate, Mitt Romney, could not afford to release but one tax return because it would have shown that he paid almost nothing in taxes — let alone the 13.7% he paid for one year. No rich person — especially the super wealthy — pays anything close to that. They have all removed their money to the Caymans or Bermuda or the Bahamas or Jersey or Guernsey or the Isle of Man. The number of secrecy jurisdictions is too numerous to count. Their businesses use transfer pricing to remove all tax liability and so in actual fact neither the wealthy nor their companies are actually paying much in taxes as all. They are opposing what they allege are our “high tax rates” out of insurance for when their scam gets caught. But for now the wealthy pay nothing at all as you suggest.

Why would I want the rich to pay more? Are you kidding? They have benefited mightily from our system that provided them with infrastructure, utilities, roads, police, army, cures for diseases, and an educated workforce for free through our public school system that educates their workers as well as the teachers who staffed those schools. When the wealthy work hard enough to gain all those advantages, it is an accepted principle — going back to the time of the ancient Greeks — that they must pay a progressive tax rate to return for all the advantages that everyone paid for and that only some could utilize.

And what makes you think that I myself am not wealthy? Your attitude and lack of deep thought about anything are just breathtakingly ridiculous. You have a set of ridiculous low-effort comments that you and all Conservatives make, but never do you actually think anything through. You face cognitive dissonance and cannot imagine anything that might make you think.

No one says that you should not earn more for your hard work. That is a red herring to suggest that’s the point that I or anyone on my side is suggesting. Instead, we say that you MUST give back for a system that benefited you so much. And at the present time, the wealthy are doing no such thing. They are gaining their benefits while not paying back in actual fact, not myth, while also having the audacity to whine about it. But the facts are opposite of what you and your rent-seeking, undeserving kin are saying. And now a growing majority of Americans see what I have been talking about and what you, with your feeble attempts to make some ridiculous points, have avoided considering.

Only 5 percent of the rich have offshore investments? Are you kidding. There is currently $31 Trillion dollars of American wealth stashed offshore. It started in earnest in 1986. And if you’re going to complain about the national debt, you should have been complaining when George W. Bush was putting two unnecessary wars on the credit card, the Medicare Part D on the credit card and turning the Clinton Surplus into the Bush structural deficits and cratered economy from deregulation. President Obama rescued us from the nightmare Bush left us. So, you are wrong and mistaken to blame the poor or President Obama. The blame lands and will be seen by history as laying with Bush and his deregulatory policies. Note and never forget the cratered economy happened on Bush’s watch. It was Bush’s fault directly for his actions starting in 2003 when he loosened lending standards for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and had SEC Secretary Chris Cox stop all investigations of White Collar crime. He opened the floodgates and the Great Recession of 2007 [Bush’s 2nd term, duh] happened.

You have yet to make a single point. Your feeble inability to actually make an argument that holds water or is not based on a ridiculous misinterpretation of the facts, is tiresome as are you and your rent-seeking, regulator capturing, Congress-owning brethren.

By Tom Hunter, author of “The Butcher of Leningrad” (a thriller).

Author: The Blue Route

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