'Reince the Priebus'


Reince Priebus, chairman of the Republican National Committee, continues to raise holy hell about two proposed documentaries on the career of Hillary Clinton.  That’s Secretary Clinton to you Reince!

Evidently, Wednesday is the big day when Reince will pull the plug on NBC and CNN for all 2016 primary debates unless they pull the plug on the proposed documentaries.  Mind you that not one second of recordings exist yet.
You are acting like such a petulant child.  For God’s sake, Reince!  Do you have a small man’s complex?  Perhaps it is a below the belt problem (a Porsche or Vette in the garage)?  Did you have the snot beat out of you so many times as a kid that you just can’t help yourself?  What say you, Reince?
Your behavior is oddly reminiscent of the “Emperor without No Cloths.”  No one in your party, or the media for the most part (save Roger Simon or Politico), is willing to call you out.  I gladly will!  In fact, I am going to start calling you “Reince the Priebus.”
Here is what logic will not explain at first blush.  To get elected Chairman of the GOP twice, you must be fairly astute politically and well-connected to big donors.  And yet, you are acting like a high schooler who is running for class president.  Surely you have more polish than what you are currently demonstrating, no?
The reality that must keep you, and other Republican strategists, awake at night is a presidential primary field in 2016 that includes Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, and Marco Rubio.  There is no way you want a rerun of what happened in 2012.  Right?
Your big guns, Chris Christie and Jeb Bush, are surely calculating whether or not they can run the same gauntlet as Mitt Romney and not have their brand damaged beyond repair.  You must know deep in your heart that a Republican candidate has no chance against Hillary, or possibly any Democratic nominee, if your nominee has to be a politically yo-yo, swinging far right to get the nomination and then back to the center, to win the general election.
I believe you realize that the Republican brand has one helluva problem if they are to ever be competitive in a national election again.  You lost by bigger margins in 2012 than 2008 despite attempts to disenfranchise Democratic voters.  Now you have even bigger problems including a possible government shutdown, a looming debt limit shootout, no immigration reform bill, more disenfranchise efforts, anti-gays, and a party that is no longer just the “NO’ group, but simply one that can get nothing done whatsoever.  You are now chairman of the “Nothing” party.  Think Clint Eastwood’s empty chair, Reince.
Let’s face it. Hillary Clinton is not your main problem.  Be a man and address the core issues.
Here is why I think you are behaving like such an ass.  The only logical reason why you have taken to the airways to announce your line in the sand is to raise money for the mid-term elections.  Several candidates, notably Mitch McConnell, face tough primary and general election fights.  Your party has a shot to retake control of the Senate and maintain a majority advantage in the House.  Are you behind in fundraising goals?  Are you trying to milk the Tea Party for every last dime you can get?
As I see it you have a choice: You can continue down the current path and in the end Hillary Clinton, if she runs, will put a beating on your party reminiscent of the 1964 general election.  Or, may be you and your party leadership will come to their senses.
My educated guess is that losing twice to Barack Obama severely damaged the fabric of your party.  The racists and extremists emerged and continue to run wild.  Your peeps just cannot stop from beating up on the president. Instead of looking forward, their vision is on the rearview mirror.  It may take one or two more general election spankings before a realignment toward normal political thinking is possible.
And that is my way of saying that the emperor, Reince the Priebus, has no clothes.

Author: The Blue Route

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