Reince Preibus Is Just Fine With Fox Holding Debates Even If They Produce CNN's Hillary Clinton Documentary (VIDEO)

So, after all the whinging and whining by RNC PR BS (just take out the vowels) about NBC and CNN producing features on Hillary Clinton, Preibus seems to not have much of an issue with Fox doing the same. If you recall, the RNC “leader” took issue with what he presumed (no one has seen a script yet) would be positive portrayals of the potential 2016 Presidential candidate. He then threatened to boycott both networks and disallow them from holding debates.

Soon after, Fox said they might just do an extended piece on Hillary herself. Today while talking to Candy Crowley, the host let Priebus know that the CNN doc would be produced by a Fox affiliated portion of the company. Without any sense of irony, Priebus saw no conflict.

See below.

Author: David Phillips

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