Reality Slap: Republican Spokespeople

Here’s what I find confusing about the Republican Party. It’s not just that I ideologically disagree with you, it’s not that you are trying to get to the same place that I am (a strong America) but are just taking different routes – it’s not even the fact that you might want to include things like Christianity in the way we run this country…those are all things I can understand, even if I don’t agree with them, because every country has a party like that.

What I don’t understand is the fact that you are willing to have, as your spokespeople, hate-filled people (O’Reilly, Hannity, Coulter, Rove), fear mongers (Cheney, Nugent, Beck), racists (Limbaugh, Lapierre) or just folks who can’t seem to know what they even stand for anymore (McCain, Boehner, Christie, Romney) or just plain ol’ morons (Palin, Bachmann, Cain)…and you are somehow proud of this.

You climb to the top of the political mountain, and like a proud Mufasa, you hold aloft these people that any other party would find embarrassing, shameful and in some cases, treasonous. And then you wonder why the rest of the animal kingdom cringes, laughs or just turns away.

THAT is what I don’t understand. I am less questioning how your brain works these last 12 years, and more precisely, asking IF you even have one anymore? And I don’t mean that to sound rude or create more of a divide between our parties, I’m seriously asking the question: Why Do You Refuse To Use Your Brains?

I realize it’s a complicated question. Take your time.

Author: The Blue Route

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