Reality Slap: Hey Obama, Where's My Free Phone?

Yeah, I’m serious, I want my free phone.

You know what I’m talking about! The federal program called Lifeline, which was created by that other Socialist,  President Ronald Reagan. We all know the FCC was forced to implement that program during the Tyrannical Governing of ‘The Gipper’, who was determined to destroy America, by creating a program that made services available to low-income Americans at affordable rates. We still froth at the mouth when we think about how this was allowed to happen, and why those Patriots who voted him into office (twice), were so unwilling to stand up for their Liberties!

It was Reagan, the original ‘Welfare President’, who felt that those people under his care deserved to live a bit more decently in the country they belonged to, lived in, loved and even died for.  Again, I am shocked that the Freedom Loving Americans were so silent about that type of behavior, go figure.

In 1996, under Clinton (also a Socialist and possible secret-Muslim), the program was enhanced. It passed by overwhelming, bipartisan support by both the Socialist Democrats and the Republican Party. It was the first time the two parties had agreed on passing legislation that would obviously destroy the fabric of America, by dismantling it from the inside, one poor person at a time. (Obviously the Republicans were tricked into thinking they were voting on adding the word ‘God’ to every street name, overwhelmingly voting Yes — which is why you can’t trust the Democrat Party).

This program continues today, under President Obama, most likely another part of his secret, Kenyan agenda. Luckily for us, those who are willing to stand up for our Freedom, are willing to point out (again and again) that this is, in fact, part of President Obama’s bid to create a country that is reliant on Food Stamps, Welfare, Free Phones and Big Government. Yet another part of his master plan that included creating a recession, a war based on lies, massive unemployment and a housing crises – all before he even took office.

Obviously, that man is a Wizard.

Hopefully, America will not suffer too long after he leaves office, a man who hates his country to such an extreme he was willing to continue a program that was implemented by one of the worst, Socialists, Communists Presidents this country has ever known.

Barack Obama, we’re begging you, distance yourself from the destructive creations of Ronald Reagan. And until you do, smart and informed Americans will insist on blaming you for this phone program, the recession, Vietnam, Stonehenge and what happened that day at Kent State. But don’t EVER accuse these Liberty Lovers of basing it on the fact that you are black, we all know they insisted on seeing the Birth Certificates of every President before you!

You can’t hide behind facts like that!

Note: For those of you who have a hard time understanding sarcasm (or spelling it), the phone program for low-income Americans was started under your beloved Ronald Reagan. The fact that you blame President Obama for it is not only incorrect and false, but makes you a complete idiot. That’s called Reality…and this, my friend, was your slap.

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