Reality Check: Fear is Not Patriotic

Those who cheat think everyone cheats. Those who steal assume everyone steals. Those who lie assume everyone lies.

I’ll come back to that in a minute.

So I was having the gun conversation with a couple of anti-any-laws people and I noticed some very similar talking points they all tended to fall back on.

When they started on their ‘we must protect ourselves from our government’ and ‘tyranny’ fear-mongering, they would use, as their examples, the Japanese internment camps, the Holocaust or our history of  Slavery and say “If they only had guns that wouldn’t have happened to them.”

Here is the interesting thing that popped into my head. The Japanese who were put into camps during WWII, the Jews who were rounded up during the Holocaust, the Blacks who were treated as property in our early years and even the Mexicans of late, who are treated badly, paid worse and then chased like cattle once we are done with them – they all do have one thing in common – they were the victims of the White Man’s quest for power.

No, this isn’t a racist rant or an anti-White rant – just hear me out.

What I started thinking was that, in fact, the Jewish Americans, Asian Americans, Black Americans and Mexican Americans – usually by a majority – will vote for the Democrat.

Why would a group who SHOULD be afraid because they have been targets, not live their lives in fear? Why won’t a group who SHOULDN’T trust their government (because they know, first-hand, what a government can do), scream Tyranny? In all honesty, if anyone should be paranoid in this country, they have every right to be. So, why aren’t they voting for the party that tends to attract the most fearful, anti-big government voters in this country? What would cause them to move away from that type of world view? What would make these groups, who everyone was out to get, not living lives thinking everyone is out to get them? Why aren’t they AFRAID?

The answer, I believe, is simple: Education.

Non-White races, in America, are very aware that you don’t get ahead in this country just by hard work, just by being kind, just by doing the right things…you also need to be smarter than the people who are trying to take advantage of you. So generations of minorities have worked to send their kids to college, to help them advance as high as possible and to push past those who scream against things like Affirmative Action (who honestly, are the ones who show us again and again, why this country needs things like Affirmative Action).

So that is why I think that the reason those Americans who have the most to fear in this country from their actual experiences – the enslaved, the imprisoned, the abused and even the murdered – and the reason they aren’t the ones who are screaming about how scared they are about everyone else coming to get them, is because they fought their way out of ignorance with the embracing of education.

Which brings me back to my original thought. People who cheat think everyone is cheating, people who lie think everyone is lying, people who steal think everyone is stealing…and people who think they are going to be the target of those who don’t like them, I’m willing to bet, are the same people who target a lot of people they, themselves, do not like. And perhaps they are just that just because they think that way, the rest of us do as well.

Guess what? We don’t.

We also don’t want your guns, we just want you to be smarter about your guns. We don’t want to take away the 2nd Amendment, we just want you to better understand what the 2nd Amendment stands for. We don’t want your Liberties, we just want you to understand that those of us who want a safer society not out of fear but out of common sense, our Liberties, are just as important as yours.

And believe it or not, we believe in the same Freedoms as you.  Our sons and daughters have also died for this country. Our Grandmas and Grandpas also served this country. Our families also believe in the American Dream. We pay the same taxes and we fly the same flag. The difference is, when we think of Liberty, Freedom and our Rights as Americans – we believe this country should be moved forward not by fear, but with intelligence, compassion and even common sense.

So with that in mind, we’re going to need the more fearful and paranoid of you to make a real effort to smarten up a bit, fight to get educated, face your fears and do your best, as Americans, to catch up to the rest of us. The lives of everyday Americans are depending on you. The lives of Law Enforcement are depending on you. The life of a Soldier is depending on you. The life of a Teacher is depending on you. The life of a Child, or possibly an entire classroom of Children, is depending on you.  You see, what I am saying is, Ignorance is no longer Patriotic.

Vincent Yanez is the author of Einstein’s Shutter, among other works.

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