Random Presidential Facts: Harry S. Truman

Random Presidential facts: Truman

Harry S Truman did not have a middle name. The S was just an S.

It is likely that Truman was drunk when he took the oath. Truman and Speaker of the House Rayburn had “nightcaps” and poker games that were beltway legend. When the White House staffer who found Truman to inform him of FDR’s death located him, he was in Speaker Rayburns office playing poker and drinking.

Shortly after taking the oath it was learned that despite both being in DC for more than a decade together, FDR as President and Truman as Senator, and most of a year campaigning together, FDR and Truman had only ever spoken directly to one another TWICE. Truman was never briefed by FDR or any staff on the business of the Executive Branch, and was out of the loop on most everything including the Manhattan Project. President Truman had no idea of the situation of the military he was now CIC of. He is to date the only man in history to have ordered a nuclear attack. A weapon whose existence he wasn’t even aware of three months prior.

Prior to the ratification of the 25th Amendment (1967) the rule regarding the VP was that if the office of Vice President was vacated it was to remain vacant until the next election. FDR died 89 days into his term which left President Truman without a VP for an entire 4 year term.

Truman was the 9th and final President to have never received a college degree.

For most of his Presidency Truman did not live in the White House, but at Blair House across the street. The main part of the White House was gutted and renovated during the Truman Presidency.

Truman and Eisenhower between 1945-1952 were very good friends. The 1952 Presidential campaign turned Truman and Eisenhower into bitter enemies and by Inauguration 1953 they disliked one another so much that President-elect Eisenhower refused to attend the traditional Inauguration Day coffee at the White House with President Truman, and neither man would look at, let alone speak to one another during the car ride to the Capitol. They didn’t speak again until President Kennedy’s funeral in 1963.

During Truman’s first term he secretly began consulting with President Hoover on matters of State and Foreign Policy. On the day of Eisenhower’s Inauguration Presidents Truman and Hoover got together and “unofficialially” officially formed what we now know today as the “Presidents Club”. No other President before Truman had ever thought to consult or include in decision making the only other men who could truly understand. This is now common among Presidents.

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