Racist North Carolina GOP Official Resigns After Daily Show Interview (VIDEO)

Wednesday night on The Daily Show, Aasif Mandvi made a vote suppressing, racist ass, old southern white man (surprise!) quit his job as a GOP official in the state of North Carolina after making several racist comments in a bizarre interview.

Don Yelton is–check that, was–the Republican precinct chairman of Buncombe County, N.C. He also must have been deeply unaware of what he was getting into during his jaw dropping, on camera conversation with Mandvi about his efforts to make it harder for registered democrats and minorities to vote.

“The law is going to kick the Democrats in the butt,” Yelton said. “If it hurts a bunch of college kids [that are] too lazy to get up off their bohonkas and go get a photo ID, so be it. If it hurts a bunch of whites, so be it.”

Then it got worse.

“If it hurts a bunch of lazy blacks that want the government to give them everything, so be it,” Yelton opined.

Yelton defended his perspective perspective with the hoary, “I have a black friend excuse.”

“I’ve been called a bigot before,” Yelton said. “[And] as a matter of fact, one of my best friends is black.”

Yelton stepped down from his position today after his remarks went viral, but not before he closed out with this bit of grotesque:

“The comments that were made, that I said, I stand behind them. I believe them,” he told Mountain Xpress.

See the full interview below.

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Author: David Phillips

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