Racism Is Taught

I saw a post on facebook the other day, and this poster reckoned as how racist of today were probably beat up by blacks sometime in their life and therefore they became racist. This person was so far off base it isn’t even funny.

I was raised in a small town in Oregon, population about 1600. Growing as a teen in the early ‘60s I didn’t know anything about Jim Crow. I didn’t know about colored only drinking fountains and restrooms. I didn’t know about church burnings or hanging of black people for the crime of looking at a white girl. I’ll admit, I was naive. It wasn’t until Martin Luther King started his marches that I became aware. Even then, when a march became violent I would tend to blame the marchers.

“Well, they claim to be peaceful but every time there is a march it turns into a riot.” As I became more aware I began to realize that it wasn’t the marchers that were violent, but the police. They would move in on every march with their billyclubs and tear gas and start beating the protesters. The media of the day would tell about the violent protest but never put the blame where it belonged.

When I first became aware was after I went to work for the railroad in 1965 in Eugene. A bunch of us railroad men were standing around shooting the bull when one of them brought up the demonstrations, he called them riots, and since we weren’t working that day he had his 6 year old son with him. As he was talking he called to his son and his words hit me like a ton of bricks, “Son, tell me what we do to N###s.”  The sons answer was even worse, “We hang them.”

This was in Oregon, not in the Hillbilly south, but in Eugene Oregon.

My point is, racism is learned. It is taught by parents, relatives, peers and yes, by much of the media and now by the pretender that calls himself our president. The person that wrote that post is dead wrong. There weren’t gangs of black people going around beating up all the white men they could find and bombing white churches but there were gangs of white people bombing black churches, murdering black people, hanging them from trees for no reason other than the color of their skin, and teaching their kids that racism is OK.

Author: Michael Hoyt

Worked as a conductor on the Railroad until 1988, worked as a machinist until 2007 and then retired. Earned a creative writing certificate from Rio Salado Community College in 2014. Became concerned when GW Bush was elected, even more, concerned when Republicans began trying to block everything Obama tried to do and now totally p**sed off at what trump and the Republicans are trying to do to our country. I started my own blog in 2009 and now write for The Blue Route.