Rachel Maddow Tells Conservatives About Their Love For Putin: 'He's Not That Into You'(Video)

This week, some conservatives praised Russian President Vladimir Putin for the way he handled the use of chemical weapons in Syria. There was a lot of talk about Putin being a real leader and Obama was basically a chump. It was a complete Putin love-fest.

That was, until Putin wrote that New York Times piece, where he questioned American exceptionalism.

Now he’s an opportunistic, sociopathic, KGB, freedom-hating slime ball who idolizes Stalin and has very little nice to say about America.

News flash, my conservative friends (Yes, I really do have some conservative friends) – Putin didn’t become these things just this week.

I mean, feel free to question Obama. It comes with the territory. But to put another nation’s leader over him in the same sentence?

Anyways, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow explains that this isn’t like supporting Ronald Reagan or Sarah Palin. This is flat-out supporting the leader of another nation over your own.

It’s one thing for the right to fall in love with its own politicians. To make Reagan a saint, Sarah Palin their own collective girlfriend, but the president of Russia, he is not that into you. Seriously, I know you guys hate President Obama, so it feels good to have a man-crush on somebody else, but this guy is the president of Russia. Zip it up, you guys, seriously. Have some respect.

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Author: The Blue Route

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