Rachel Maddow Calls North Carolina 'Conservatives Gone Wild' (VIDEO)

If Texas wants to be thought of as the state that passes the most extreme legislation–and you know they do–they are going to have to keep pace with North Carolina. Last night on the Rachel Maddow Show, the host discussed both their radically restrictive abortion rights bill–which the GOP led legislature attached to an anti-Sharia Law bill (I shit you not)–and their post Supreme Courts-Voting Rights Act smack down bill, which will lead to voter ID laws and an end to same day registration in the tar heel state as well as Sunday voting.

The host called the state a case of “conservatives gone wild” and lamented,
“The Voting Rights Act had stopped Republicans from going ahead with voter I.D. before. “Now they’re going ahead with that,” Maddow said, “but even beyond voter I.D., which they say they want to prevent voter fraud, they say they’re planning to end same-day voter registration in North Carolina and they’re planning to end early voting in the state of North Carolina and they’re planning to end Sunday voting in North Carolina. What does voting on Sunday have to do with voter fraud? Exactly nothing.”

See the video below.

Author: David Phillips

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