Rachel Maddow Discusses A Racist Study Saying That Latinos Have A Lower I.Q. (VIDEO)

Last night on the Rachel Maddow Show, the host uncovered a dissertation by the co-author (Jason Richwine) of a Heritage Foundation Study that stated that Latinos naturally have a lower I.Q. than Caucasians. Not only that, but Richwine had also previously written articles for a web site led by the leader of a white nationalist think tank.

The Heritage immigration study was already roundly criticized for its claim that immigration reform would cost the American tax payer $6.3 Trillion, when most other studies see a net economic benefit to reform. Now with this revelation, the entire study has to be questioned on its face. It is one thing to argue that immigration reform would be harmful to the tax payer and the economy, it is quite another when the co-author of said study is a clear racist.

As of publication, The Heritage Foundation and its leader, former Senator Jim DeMint, have not disavowed the results of their study or Richwine.

Rachel crushes it below.

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Author: David Phillips

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