Rachel Maddow Asks About Anthony Weiner: 'Why Would Anyone Ever Believe Him Ever Again' (VIDEO)

Last night on the Rachel Maddow Show, the host started out covering Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell’s (R) benefactor controversy, but quickly pivoted to a scathing take down of NYC Mayoral candidate, Anthony Weiner and his troubling press conference last night. Maddow’s rebuke of Weiner coupled with the New York Times’ Editorial Board calling for Weiner’s departure from the race, it all makes for a very bad morning for the former House Representative from New York’s 9th congressional district.

Maddow points out the fact that the sexting and God knows what else was still going on after he resigned from congress.

“‘Yes, it was after all that. After the redemption narrative said this was all over and I should be given a second chance, I was still doing it—for a long time.’ That right there is the thing that could be the big problem for Anthony Weiner going forward … His public statement still did not match what we know he was doing in private. Why would anyone ever believe him ever him again?”

Maddow then turned to WNBC-New York reporter, Melissa Russo, who had this to add,

“Part of the way he lied the second round of times is that he’s doing this sort of redemption tour in the press where he’s talking about what a changed man he is, and how he’s totally focused on his family, and he’s all about making apologies, while he’s still continuing that behavior. So the press was really used by Anthony Weiner in order to convey the second round of lying.”

And there’s the rub. As Maddow herself lamented, it’s not so much the questionable private behavior, it’s the lying. During the segment, Maddow relays that Weiner came on her show and “lied to her face” about it and called a reporter who pressed him on his “activities” a “jerk.”

It’s one thing for a person to make a mistake. It’s even understandable to become defensive and try to cover it up. It’s a whole other thing to lie and deceive even after you are caught and through your “redemption tour” and that is Anthony Weiner’s problem this morning more than anything else.

I myself advocated giving Weiner a second chance. One of my fellow writers took leave from his regular job to work on his campaign (he resigned yesterday). People stuck there neck out for this guy only to find that he had not learned from his past mistakes. It’s not the sexting, it’s the piss poor judgement. He knew he had to be perfect. Which means he should have gotten it all out beforehand. He chose to not do so AGAIN. Myself and many others apologized for him once. We should not do so again.

People will give you a second chance, but when they do you must not make a fool of them.

Author: David Phillips

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