Presidents in Retirement: A Comparison

Jimmy Carter – Retired back to Georgia, volunteered his time building homes for those in need with Habitat for Humanity. Continues his work to promote peace in the Middle East. Was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Still active to this day, 33 years after leaving the White House.

Ronald Reagan – Retired to his ranch in Santa Barbara. Soon after retiring he gave a speech in Japan for which he charged $2,000,000. Was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and disappeared from public.

George H. W. Bush – Was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II. Jumps out of airplanes. Has recently become a maven of très chic men’s hosiery.

Bill Clinton – Launched the Clinton Foundation, the Clinton Foundation Climate Change Initiative. Active with the Large Cities Climate Leadership Group. Traveled to North Korea to bring home two American women held captive by Kim Jong Il. Still works to promote Democratic Interests around the world.

George W. Bush – Bought a home in a gated community near Dallas that just months prior was reserved for “whites only.” Clears brush. Paints doggies.

Author: Bruce Lindner

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