Paula Deen And Type 2 Racism: John Oliver And Jessica Williams Explain (VIDEO)

Last night on the Daily Show, host John Oliver considered the plight of celebrity chef, Paula Deen, who in a recent deposition in a suit against her admitted several racially insensitive comments.

Here are some examples from her sworn deposition:

Lawyer: Have you ever used the N-word yourself?
Deen: Yes, of course.

Lawyer: Do you recall using the words “really southern plantation wedding”?
Deen: Yes, I did say I would love for Bubba to experience a very southern style wedding, and we did that. We did that.

Laywer: Okay. And is that when you went on to describe the experience you had at the restaurant in question?
Deen: Well, I don’t know. We were probably talking about the food or –- we would have been talking about something to do with service at the wedding, and –-

Lawyer: Is there any possibility, in your mind, that you slipped and used the word “n—-r”?
Deen: No, because that’s not what these men were. They were professional black men doing a fabulous job

Oliver hilariously lampoons Deen’s oh-so-casual racism before giving way to Jessica Williams, who closes the segment with aplomb.

See the entire segment below.

Author: David Phillips

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