Organization Funding George Zimmerman's New Gun Will 'Sleep Soundly' if Zimmerman Kills Again: Piers Morgan (VIDEO)

Last night on CNN’s Piers Morgan show, the host grilled Ken Hanson, the leader of the Buckeye Firearms Foundation that helped raise money for George Zimmerman to rearm himself.

Morgan asked Hanson,

“What if it happens again?” Morgan continued, “What if Trayvon Martin’s older brother is walking in the same area in a few months time, George Zimmerman happens to be passing, finds him suspicious as he did Trayvon…and decides to shoot him as well?” Morgan asked. “Where does that leave you, if you’re the one who supplied the gun?”

Hanson replied,

“Well, if we’re the ones that supplied the gun, and again remember, we provided money, not a gun,” Hanson replied. “But if someone is on top of Mr. Zimmerman, again repeatedly bashing his head into the concrete, and he acts in self defense, that’s incredible bad luck he found himself in that situation twice. But we’ll sleep soundly.”

See the video below.

Author: David Phillips

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