Grand OLD Party To Attack Hillary Clinton For Being Old: John Fugelsang Explains (VIDEO)

A recent New York Times article reported that drinker from the fountain of youth, Mitch McConnell, criticized the Democratic Party’s top two hopefuls for 2016, Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden, as a “rerun of the Golden Girls.”

Humorist John Fugelsang addressed this fascinating new Republican strategy from the Grand OLD Party on Current TV.

To wit:

“That’s a brilliant strategy, and should only backfire with voters who like their own moms,” Fugelsang said. “GOP – party of youth! Like 69-year-old presidential nominee Ronald ‘Pop Rocks and Zima’ Reagan, 73-year-old nominee and Tiger Beat cover boy Bob Dole and 71-year-old nominee John ‘Look Ma, I’m planking!’ McCain.”

See the video below.

Author: David Phillips

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