Neil DeGrasse Tyson Earns "Buzzkill" Title, Destroys Zombie Fantasies (VIDEO)

On this past Thursday’s episode of The Daily Show, astrophysicist and “buzzkill of science” (according to Jon Stewart) Neil DeGrasse Tyson showed why he got his nickname. Things like zombies and vampires and all are all in good fun, right? Well Tyson has killed at least one of those fantasies.In a humorous segment with Daily Show host Jon Stewart, Tyson explains of zombies:

Without a functioning circulatory system distributing oxygenated blood, a zombie’s muscles would succumb to rigor mortis. They couldn’t even stand, let alone walk.

Well, if you love the supernatural, keep it to your fantasy novels, folks, because it ain’t flyin’ here. Apparently, most of this stuff defies the laws of physiology, and Tyson will continue to be a buzzkill.

Oh, and as far as zombies eating brains or anything else? Nope, not happening. They’d need the hormone leptin to have the desire to eat anything.

Watch the segment here:


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