MSNBC's Thomas Roberts Defends Wendy Davis Against The GOP's Focus On 'The Sanctity of Sperm' (VIDEO)

Today on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, the network’s afternoon anchor, Thomas Roberts, expressed his dismay over the GOP reaction to the Wendy Davis filibuster and their focus on the “Sanctity of sperm.” Former 2008 John McCain adviser, Nicolle Wallace, was bemused by his choice of graphic language, but did not challenge the perception.

Roberts said,

“Men should not care about the sanctity of sperm over the women’s right to choose so much, and there are too many Republican men that need a refresher course and a manual as to how reproductive rights work and a woman’s vagina.”

The normally mild-mannered Roberts is certainly liberal but not exactly known for making news with his comments. For the record, I think he was on point and his use of words was just fine.

Watch Roberts get into bodily fluids and lady parts below.

Author: David Phillips

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