Michele Bachmann Makes A Dash From Bash (VIDEO)

On Tuesday, CNN’s Dana Bash tried to ask House Rep. (R-MN) Michele Bachmann about her speech at CPAC, and in particular her comments about President Obama’s excessive lifestyle, including a non-existent dog walker. Bachmann got the info for her speech from a non-sourced, self published book by a Republican lobbyist.

A clearly out of breath Dana Bash–who I hear works out regularly, but perhaps not at a Bachmann level pace–tries to ask the House Rep, about her statements, and Bachmann only stops long enough to turn the discussion into a diatribe about Benghazi. Which seems to be the new reflex response when any Republican is asked about falsehoods they have made about the President.

Anyway, check out Bachmann”s Bash Dash below. It begins around the 5:30 mark.

Author: David Phillips

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