A Message to Conservatives: What it Means to Be an American

Being a patriotic American is about more than simply walking around with a flag pin attached to your lapel, and declaring you love America. Being a true American is about coming together to promote and support the best interest of the nation and the ideals that it represents. Conservatives like Ike Eisenhower used to recognize that, but I don’t see that in many of today’s conservatives.

What I see is a bitter and irresponsible group of reactionaries who are more than willing to sabotage America, and it’s ideals, in order to appease the delusional views of a radical few – and the irony is, the vast majority of you – like Rush Limbaugh and Dick Cheney – ran like the wind when this nation called upon you to serve.

Republicans have developed a reputation of being so mean-spirited, fraudulent, and un-American, that the American people can no longer even take them seriously. In addition, the GOP has a one hundred year record of swindling the American people, and history will never forget the damage and purposeful misery that you’ve put America through – neither will loyal Americans (http://wattree.blogspot.com/2010/10/gop-one-hundred-year-record-of.html).

As I pointed out in a previous piece, what Obama critics are failing to recognize is if the president is engaged in diplomatic talks and using the threat of military intervention as leverage to further the United States’ interest, when we have Republican politicians using the issue to jockey for political advantage, and loudmouths like Cornel West running around talking about, “If you do it, we’re gonna impeach you!” for personal advantage, that hurts America’s ability to negotiate. So titles, claims of patriotism, and PhD.s notwithstanding, these people are either so selfish that they don’t care about American interests, something much less than effective thinkers, or both.

But they’re not fooling the American people for a minute. While we’ve understandably developed an increasing distrust for politicians – ALL politicians, including Obama – our instincts tells us that there’s just something about this guy that we can’t quite put our finger on that sets him apart. That’s why we elected him to a second term. Well, I think I have put my finger on it.

Because, when the vast majority of Americans look at President Obama, they don’t see “a black mascot of Wall Street oligarchs.” They see a decent man, who loves his wife and family. They see the guy next door who’s been chosen to be a modern-day David, and to everyone’s complete shock and surprise, has dredged up the strength and courage to wage a desperate battle against the Goliath of wealth, power, and presumption.

When America looks at Obama, and as they watch him turning grey before their eyes, they see themselves fighting the good fight for American ideals. They see him as the personification of everything America once was – a feisty little underdog all alone, in a desperate battle against those out to destroy America.

Americans, by nature, tend to gravitate toward the underdog, and while President Obama is undoubtedly the most powerful man in the world, he’s also our first Black president, and as such, Americans can clearly see that he’s under siege in Washington, D.C., so they’ve rallied behind him to protect his flank. Because, while the racists, bigots, and blowhards get a lot of press, they don’t reflect the actual character of America. The vast majority of Americans are corny, like myself. They truly believe in the ideals that this nation was created to represent. If they didn’t, Obama never would have become president in the first place. That’s why, for the most part, while race baiters get a lot of press, for the most part, they’re spittin’ in the wind.

That’s also how I see him, not as some kind of Messiah, but like my neighbor doing battle against a group of thugs who’s trying to takeover the neighborhood. That’s why I defend this man, because I admire both his character and his courage. So I’m not going to just sit back and peep through my blinds and watch a man of his character be bludgeoned to death while he’s defending MY home. That’s not how Americans do things.

And finally, I want to thank him for his service and give him his roses while he can smell ’em. History is certainly going to honor him greatly, but like Martin, he won’t be around to see that. As a result, I never got the chance to thank Martin, but I’m not gonna make that mistake this time.

So, Bravo, Mr. President!

Eric L. Wattree

Author: Eric Wattree