Men's Rights

While tracking a troll who accused me of having “radical feminist fits” on one of my articles I stumbled across a page for men’s rights.  Naturally I became curious because as far as I could see men had always had pretty much all of the rights.  Now I might be a day late and a dollar short on this “movement” because the Southern Poverty Law Center did this report in the spring of last year and I have to confess I was completely unaware men were having such a hard time getting along in the world.

Isn’t that about as silly as white people claiming their rights are being threatened when they’ve always had the benefit of white privilege?  I guess these damn women are just crushing them under their boot with the tremendous power they wield (demonstrated by women needing a note from their doctor for their employer regarding birth control because a group of men said so).

According to the Southern Poverty Law Center report men are spreading all kinds of false notions about their victimization.  They claim men are attacked just as often, even sexually, by women as women are attacked by men.  One of five American women have been sexually assaulted, and we all know the numbers are much higher since those are just the ones reported, while only one in seventy-one men has been sexually assaulted.

I think we can safely assume that most of the men who are sexually assaulted are assaulted by other men rather than women. Maybe I’m being dense here but I fail to understand how a woman goes about raping a man.  I’ve thought about it and I just come up blank on what that process would involve.

The statistics also show that women are much more likely to be injured during a sexual assault than men and over half of their assailants were current or former intimate partners…men they trusted.  The report also shows that women are approximately 3x more likely to be stalked and 84% of domestic abuse victims are women.

I will never make light of sexual assault no matter who the victim is and when it happens to a man I’m sure it’s just as devastating.  However, some of the members of this men’s rights movement actually claim women lie about sexual assault and that’s the one thing a man can say that will most likely send me into a “radical feminist fit” without even a pause to draw breath.

In conclusion I have to say I don’t know when men lost all of their power since I’ve seen no evidence of that but you girls had better stop being so mean to them.  Their feelings are hurt that you might actually get up to 80 cents for every dollar they make.  They obviously live in fear of you overwhelming them with your tiny little ineffectual fists and taking what you want by force.  They’re so emotionally scarred they’re afraid to leave the house because of the violent women walking the streets in their feminazi gear.

I just have no idea what we’re going to do about these bullying women and all of these poor abused men living in poverty, raising children alone and being victimized by all these violent, raping women running amok in the streets.  Evidently, it’s a crisis they expect us to take seriously so I guess we should since we’ve historically done whatever they said but honestly I can’t quit laughing here.


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Author: Cheryl Creech

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