Men are the Ones who Should be Offended about Sexual Assault Prevention Policies

For decades, feminists have argued that women don’t ask to be raped. It doesn’t matter if a woman is wearing a mini skirt and a tube top or baggy sweats, her body is her body. If she is raped, it’s the fault of the rapist.

Unfortunately, this common sense argument has often fallen upon deaf ears and the solution to sexual assault, at least as far as many school administrators go, is to blame girls by focusing on their behavior – not by focusing on the behavior of boys. Think Progress made a list of girls’ dress codes across the country. These codes, which ban everything from mini skirts to tight pants send a clear message, one which should have boys and men taking to the streets in protest. The message is that men are simply bodies attached to a penis. If their penises are aroused, they are rendered incapable of thought and control.

If I were a man, I would be deeply offended. The vast majority of men don’t rape, even when confronted by a beach full of bikini-clad barely legal women. Most men know that “no” means “no,” even when lying body to body with a naked woman. The very idea that women’s clothing can be to blame for sexual assault is far more of an insult to the men who are supposedly so easily driving to the dark side.

Women, according to people like Rush Limbaugh, are the only sex capable of free choice. We are the only sex capable of controlling our impulses. We would be flattered if we were given credit for our amazing skills in other aspects of life, like over our own bodies or in the workplace, but we aren’t.

While we are given total “credit” for being able to turn men evil, we are given absolutely no credit for being able to control our very own reproductive rights. Perhaps men should accept that they are capable of controlling their own bodies before demanding to control ours.

Author: The Blue Route

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