Maine Governor Says 47 Percent Of State Won't Work

Maine’s governor is a teabagger. As such, of course, he ignores facts. Recently, at a gathering of conservatives, he opened his mouth to demonstrate said ignoring of facts.

Gov. Paul LePage said the sort of thing that would make most normal people balk, but that would have those of his ilk nodding in agreement. When talking about something to do with “workplace development” he said:

About 47 percent of able-bodied people in the state of Maine don’t work.

After this appalling statement, one woman in the crowd said:


LePage answered:

About 47 percent. It’s really bad.

Of course, this being an audience of baggers, they grumbled in agreement.

Way to score points, Gov. LePage. I suspect your political future will be similar to that of Mitt Romney’s who said something similar before losing the presidency to Barack Obama in 2012.

At any rate, nothing LePage said is true. According to the Maine Department of Labor, 65 percent of people who are able bodied and of working age in Maine are either employed or actively seeking employment. The rest are students, caretakers, are in some sort of job training. Now, does that sound like the picture of lazy bums that the good governor is painting? Doesn’t sound that way to me, either. Better get your facts straight before you go shooting your mouth off next time, Governor. Remember, we can always check. Always.

Thank you, Bangor Daily News for uploading these outrageous remarks:

Author / Shannon Barber
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