Maher and Matthews Battle Against Republican Guests Over Obamacare (VIDEO)

On Friday night, Bill Maher went right after the GOP for not budging on their stances that led to the government shutdown even with historically low poll numbers. He and Chris Matthews battled Republican James Glassman over Obamacare and the debt, with Matthews mockingly telling Glassman his idea for spending is too “stupid” to be taken seriously.

Glassman said he knew Obamacare would be a failure from the very beginning, while Carol Roth argued that the GOP should have let Obamacare go into effect and fail on its own, but Matthews disputed the “glitches” talking point, and went off on the GOP, saying that they keep asking “When can we lynch him?”

Roth brought up the delay for small businesses for Obamacare, but Matthews shot back, “When Apple comes out with a product and their so many orders they can’t keep up, it’s a success. If mail’s late today, let’s get rid of the Post Office. If the airplane’s delayed an hour, get rid of airplanes.”

Maher asked, “How come Obamacare is the worst thing ever, and yet Republicans defend Medicare?” He then accused Republicans of “sabotaging a law” in a number of states just because they don’t like it, adding that the GOP is hypocritical on the debt because they don’t dare touch entitlements and defense spending.

Glassman then proposed cutting all government programs by five percent, to which Maher replied that, for Republicans, this is about funding “the s**t we don’t need that you still want,” like aircraft carriers and tax breaks for the wealthy. Matthews added, “Nobody would be stupid enough to do that.”

Watch it below, uploaded from Youtube.


Author: The Blue Route

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