Lt. Governor Patrick v. Governor Abbott and Dr. Fauci

Patrick said Fauci has “been wrong every time on every issue.”

That was July 1st coming from the Lt. Governor of a major contender for the current daily record-breaking U.S. pandemic hot spot, Texas. Really?

By July 2nd, the Wall Street Journal reported, the Governor of Texas mandates face coverings as coronavirus cases surge

Fact, Mr. Patrick: Dr. Fauci is one of entirely too few Americans who has demonstrated, repeatedly, that he in fact does know exactly what he’s talking about, as the facts that he has tried to warn you and the rest of the country about have repeatedly come to pass.

Your bullsh_t lies and Trump sheeple fantasies not so much. Mr. Patrick, we as country are the pity of the world in this thing because of you and your ilk.

Dr. Fauci has earned our respect and trust while you have earned our contempt for your criminally brutal disregard for your constituents’ well-being.

So sit the f_ck down and shut the F_CK up.

S/SGT, USMC, -ex

Author: Chris Braun

What say you, the people?