Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Fear

I don’t own a gun.

I’m not against guns, but I don’t hunt, I don’t target shoot, I don’t collect them and I am not afraid of others coming after me.

I don’t drive a giant car just because there are other, giant cars, on the road. I don’t think I need to spend money on so much gas, for that just-in-case moment when I might get into an accident, with a car that might be bigger than mine. There will always be a car bigger than mine, I’m okay with that.

I don’t think about all those bad guys who are out to get me. I don’t wonder if my government is going to suddenly turn on me. I don’t pretend other religions want to destroy our country, I don’t worry about anyone else hating my freedom  and I don’t wonder if my every word on here is being ‘monitored’ by someone with a goatee and a laugh like this: Mwah ha ha ha ha!

Instead, I pay attention, I read, I study history, I follow politics and and I use reason and logic when it comes to thinking about the what-ifs in life. But I don’t let the what-ifs become overwhelming, or I try not to, because a life based on fear is no life at all.

In short, I’m an American who refuses to live in fear. It’s actually that simple for me. I’m not afraid of being the only person who thinks like this…I know I’m not alone.
Vincent Yanez is the author of Einstein’s Shutter, among other works.

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