Liberals: Stop Putting Guns and the Tea Party on the Cross

I feel like in order to maintain my credibility as a liberal writer, from time to time I have to give liberals that microscope level scrutiny that is so often turned towards conservatives.  Which is why it is high time I call bullshit on the current level of gun hate by liberals.

These thoughts are inspired by the constant ragging on the Tea Party I see by posting photos of them carrying weapons – guns to be specific, to rallies.  The horror!  The inhumanity!  Our founding fathers NEVER believed in or were for armed revolt…

Except they totally were, and decided to use armed revolt to overthrow the crown when they felt like their voices were not being heard.  And therein lies the problem with liberals.  We love to tell the Tea Party how stupid they are without regarding our own historical inaccuracies.  We collectively laugh at and correct them when we talk about how the founding fathers were actually terrified of Oligarchy, and that they did not ever actually intend this to be a Christian nation.

We sing the praises of Jefferson and Paine without ever admitting that those same founders valued State rights above the National Government.  They weren’t for big government – they were certain it would lead to our own doom.  They believed that armed revolt was a plausible form of fixing a government that no longer represented the people.  And like everyone else, we forget that the founding fathers were just men.  They were not gods or sages, and they did not have infinite wisdom or the ability to foresee what this country would become.  But they weren’t modern day liberals or conservatives.  They were men of their age, fighting for what they thought would be the best chance for a fledgling country.

There is a grave error made with the democratic assembly jumping to a communal conclusion concerning Tea Party people at a rally holding guns.  Internet hyperbole is loaded with assumptions instead of asking the obvious. Are the guns even l0aded?  Do they have a permit?  Are they threatening anyone beyond holding misspelled signs?  I kid.

Yes they want a show of force and to chant the “over my dead body” cheer until the sun goes down.  But are they really going to hurt anyone?  Should they really be treated like a terrorist level threat by the leftist media outlets?

They are pissed off.  And beyond all of the bullshit they are centrally pissed off that the government is not listening to them.  They aren’t listening to you either.  Left and Right they are listening to Apple, McDonalds, Koch, and BP.  It rings a certain phrase, of “Taxation without representation.”  – when we can’t even have the social services we the people demand as a mass majority.  We don’t run the show.  They are lying to you when they say it takes time to make changes.  They can flip the switch on their flights home in a day, at the cost of social services to the poor, the hungry and the unemployed.

The Tea Party is mostly crazy, but their displeasure with the direction of the country isn’t.  We are way out of whack, and the interests of all of us are being manipulated; our view of things distracted to keep us all away from the scary fact that businesses run the world.

Yes, the gun-lust on the right is disconcerting, but to instantly label anyone that has ever held a rifle or has had a concealed-carry as an evil bastard is off the mark.  I’m not going to give you some sappy story about going bird huntin’ with my pappy to justify guns.  I will say that as a person that formerly owned guns I see both their need and their need for regulation.  So those to the farthest left – you aren’t going to get rid of guns.  To those on the farthest right – you do not need the legal right to own a Bushmaster.

I personally wish that we didn’t even have the bloody things (firearms) but we do.  And liberals telling me that we should “take what we can get” with Obama’s health care system and that “progress takes time” when giving Obama his 1000th chance should start applying that to their own views on firearms.  You won’t simply snap them out of existence with your fingers.

Before anyone jolts to their comment section to rant about Sandy Hook or other atrocities, I am not saying that guns are not a dangerous issue with which we must deal.  A sad side note is that hunger and malnutrition kill scores a year, but we blast a Mayor when he enacts a soda pop ban because obesity just isn’t as sexy of a news story or killer than a gun is.  Many things are killing us, but we are restricted to rage over things that are solely a “right wing” issue.

People hunt.  People are afraid – and they respond to that fear by grabbing the cheapest cobalt steel comfort they can.  Is it insane?  Yes.  But how are people supposed to feel safe when the Executive Office has the ability to pinpoint any place on the planet with a drone and level it, the power to detain people indefinitely without trial, and run a foreign policy that doesn’t only border on, but tumbles far over the line of Imperialism.

If you really want to follow the founding fathers, liberals of the U.S.of A., advocate that we close down a majority of our embassies (forts), withdraw from foreign engagements, and spend time and money focusing on our own country.  You are not going to rid us of guns any time soon.  The founding fathers were not against violent rebellion, but they were against us messing around in everyone else’s business.  As an added side effect, people tend to hate us less when we aren’t dropping bombs on them.

To be clear: We MUST do something about the nearly sexual level of gun fervor in this country, but you cannot tell your populace that guns are bad when you are storming the globe with troops and bombs.  It’s like slapping a child’s hand and saying, “We don’t hit.”

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Author: The Blue Route

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