A Letter To Those Who Think Democrats And Republicans Are The Same

People who think that there’s no difference between the Democrats and the Republicans are not only ignorant, but they’re a big part of the problem, because in many cases they use their ignorance as an excuse not to vote. They don’t have sense enough to realize that EVERYONE votes, whether they go to the polls are not, because the failure to vote is a vote for the side they like least.

They also fail to recognize that even the illusion of justice is far superior to the alternative, which we’re rapidly approaching – corporate feudalism. Research the Great Depression – where people had to send their 9 year-old kids out to work in coal mines to help sustain the family, and there was no Social Security, so you also had support your aging parents.

You might also want to think about what it was like when your boss could work you as many hours as he wanted, with no overtime, or even days off. Then, if you complained, he could fire you and your entire family would end up on Skid Row, because there was no such thing as unemployment. It was the Democrats who changed that, and just like they are with Obamacare, the Republicans have been fighting to return us to that condition for the past 70 years. So while ignorance may be bliss, it’s only so until reality sets in.

Author: Eric Wattree

What say you, the people?