A Letter to Senator Rubio

Senator Rubio, YOU are what’s wrong with this country and our government. How dare you criticize the President of the United States for behaving as a head of state is supposed to. Are you testing soundbites for 2016? Can you be any more of a hypocrite? You praise Mr. Mandela for the work he did, and then criticize the President for not disrespecting Mr. Mandela and his family by causing an international incident at his funeral? Whether you like it or not, Barack Obama is the President of the United States. Whether you like it or not, Raul Castro represents Cuba as its head of state. Whether you like it or not, BOTH men were invited guests of the government of South Africa and the family of Nelson Mandela. You, with one ill timed and incredibly disrespectful comment, managed to take the focus off of what should have been a day of reflection for millions, even billions, a day to celebrate the life and work of one of the most revered men on the planet, and a gathering of world leaders who by just being there was a picture of what Nelson Mandela had worked to achieve for 95 years. And for what? A headline or two? I know how politics work. This wasn’t politics. The United States was represented today by President Barack Obama and former Presidents George W. Bush, Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter. All had dealings with Mr. Mandela both public and private. As heads of state and as men. They agreed on some things and disagreed on others. But one thing they had in common is that they respected Mr. Mandela as a man and as a leader. And Mr. Mandela respected them. Respect is something you’ve proven over and over to be completely lacking in. Your actions today were small, petty and they showed a monumental lack of respect to the President, the American people, the country of South Africa and most importantly to Nelson Mandela and the family he left behind. I don’t often say this about anyone, let alone elected officials, but Senator Rubio, you disgusted me today. I’m not saying these things as a Democrat or Republican, but as an American. You’ve made the ratings watchers at Fox News very happy today as they’ve been very supportive of your comments. That’s not a good thing. You’d think it would be obvious by now that those who are in the good graces of Fox News generally tend to be not well liked by the American people. You didn’t embarrass the Republican Party, nor the Democrats. You didn’t embarrass yourself and you certainly didnt embarrass the President. Senator, you embarrassed your country. You owe this country an apology and you better believe that you owe Mr. Mandela and his family an apology. Whenever you decide to issue this apology,(when you take a look at your approval ratings) can you maybe attempt to appear genuine? Winning an election does not make you a leader. Until you realize that you’ll continue to be a small man who thinks a lot more of himself than the people who he is supposed to represent do. I refer to you as Senator Rubio because I respect your position. As a man, I could not possibly respect you any less.

Author: Ryan Eatmon

Son, Father, political hack, lover of the Chicago Cubs, Chicago Bears, Chicago Bulls, Chicago Blackhawks and the Marquette University Golden Eagles. Co-Founder and Admin of The Blue Route.

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