Lawrence O'Donnell Prosecutes NRA Spokesperson Asa Hutchinson To The Hilt (VIDEO)

Last night on MSNBC’s The Last Word With Lawrence O’Donnell, Former Arkansas House Rep (R) and current NRA spokesperson, Asa Hutchinson went toe to toe with the host in a contentious interview that often bordered on a prosecution. In a sprawling 25 minute back and forth, O’Donnell picked apart Hutchinson’s defense of the NRA and in particular the report he produced that recommends even more guns in schools by the use of armed guards.

Hutchinson is certainly a pro, but the host seemed to know more about his report and those that were on the task force than he did. Things become particularly awkward when O’Donnell asks who is funding the study and how much he is being paid to complete it. Watch below as Hutchinson becomes more and more agitated as the interview continues, culminating with no response when O’Donnell thanks him for his time.

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Author: David Phillips

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