Lawrence O'Donnell Embarrases Himself Interviewing Anthony Weiner (VIDEO)

Yeah, you read that headline right. Lawrence O’Donnell took 7 minutes of time last night proving that he could go one on one with Anthony Weiner and be the second most respectable person on the screen.

In 432 seconds, O’Donnell damaged his credibility by trying to psychoanalyze the diminished NYC mayoral candidate and then talking over his attempts to answer in a way that might have made Chris Matthews blush. I have long been a fan of O’Donnell’s. especially when he talks about the inner workings of congress, something he knows a lot about from his former service as  an aide to U.S. Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan.

Sometimes however, O’Donnell get out ahead of his skis and simply go on a tirade which benefits neither him or his guest, let alone the viewer. Tonight was one of those nights.

On the eve of the NYC Mayoral election, O’Donnell actually started out by asking Weiner , “What is wrong with you?” That was the high point. What followed was one of the most incompetent and mean-spirited interviews you will ever see. I hear O’Donnell doesn’t even drink, so that’s not an excuse. Hell, maybe he should start.

I am no defender of Weiner–not in the slightest–but this was embarrassing, incoherent and terrible television. By the end, I felt like the guy who had the most reason to feel foolish was O’Donnell, not Weiner. Think about that. Carlos Danger just shamed Lawrence O’Donnell on his own show. As they said in the Bible, “Jesus wept.”



Author: David Phillips

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