NC KKK Group Goes Recruiting In Black Neighborhood

Looks like the Ku Klux Klan went barking up the wrong tree this time. A North Carolina KKK group went recruiting in Florida, but got a rather unexpected surprise- the New Smyrna Beach neighborhood they went recruiting in was predominantly black.

According to WFTV, there was understandable shock and outrage at the fliers that sported a hooded klansman and the words “Our race is our nation.”

WFTV’s Ryan Hughes did not seem to be buying the Klan’s ignorance of where they were in his phone interview with leader Robert Jones. He said:

You say this was a recruiting effort; however, your group targeted a predominately black neighborhood.

Jones replied:

Well, we don’t have no way of judging where we’re putting the fliers at.

According to Jones, the group’s New Smyrna Beach recruiting trip had not been successful, but that they would not be deterred. They planned to put up about 600 fliers before the membership drive’s end.

Residents are understandably displeased. Ericka Blount, who lives in the neighborhood, says:

Stay away from our neighborhood. We live together here. All different races.

Good for you, Ms. Blount. Stand your ground (pun intended) against these racists.

Watch the news report here:

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