Kindness Is Simple – That's What Makes It Complicated

I just read this story about this coffee shop where people can order their coffee and also ‘suspend’ one or more cups. See story HERE at True Activist. 

What happens is you can order a cup of coffee, or a meal, and you can ‘suspend’ whatever you want – meaning, you can pre-pay in case someone comes in and can’t pay.

It’s that simple.

Can you imagine if this became something we just DID in this country? And I’m not just talking coffee. If you go to a restaurant to eat and they gave you a choice, alongside the tip, to ‘add a bit’ for someone who may be hungry and can’t afford a meal. If you could pay your phone bill, electric bill or any other utility and ‘give a buck more’ for those who are trying to keep their lights or heat on. We saw this a bit during Christmas, when strangers were going into stores and paying off what others had on lay away. No fanfare, no pats on the back, just doing a good deed and hoping you helped someone in need.

Here’s how simple helping could be. Something I’ve been thinking about for a long time and have been trying to figure out how to make it happen. Our Facebook page, The Pragmatic Progressive Page, has over 95,000 members. Could you imagine is we picked ONE charity a month, like in January we decided to help UNICEF, and we asked every member to pledge $1.

One little dollar. We could raise $95,000 for this one group in just one month. Now imagine we did that once a month, all year-long. We’ve provided 12 groups in this world almost $100,000 each, and it cost YOU only $12 to do. Can you imagine if someone came up to you and said for only $12 a year, you could help raise over a million dollars for 12 needy charities? It blows my mind. THAT is the power we have to make true change in this world!

Think about how simple that is! Think about how easy that would be to just be kind to others who need help. I’m still working on how to make this happen. Until then, even though many places of business don’t yet offer the ‘suspend it’ option to help all those Americans who are hungry and could use a helping hand – maybe it’s only because they don’t know about it.

I say we spread the word. Please share.

Author: The Blue Route

What say you, the people?