This is Just Sick – and You are Sick if You Share It.

I sat down tonight to see an oft shared photo across news sites and friend’s walls.  It was shared with a lot of hoo-rah fanfare boo-hiss unto the favorite liberal Dastardly – George Zimmerman.  And the image is disgusting.

I don’t feel the need to beat around the bush with this one.  If you wish to help with, or just wish for the suicide of another human being you are just as sick and deranged as the enemy you so publicly hang.

I am no fan of Zimmerman or any sort of apologist for him.  Yet I do know that when a group of people (that call themselves intelligent and righteous) call for his death than they cease to be activists and become a mob.  If you create that mob out of dissatisfaction with a court ruling, you are no better than those that call for violence against a politician they did not vote for, or beat a person with different beliefs than them.  Blasting the horn of violent retaliation is the same devolutionary fumble that too often sparks the world’s greatest and most unexpected atrocities.

I am not saying that justice should be ignored neither should the loss of the victim or their family.   Though believing in the justice system only when you get your go-team’s verdict is little more than high profile American Idol – a generalized fandom mob mentality and not justice.  Guilty people get off, and the innocent go to their deaths all to supply to rush and lust for blood payment.  In the end one must except that it is the torch and pitchfork mentality does more damage to a society over time than the original crime.

It is not enough to beat evil, you must be better than those you defeat.  It is why there is no debate on torture – it is wrong.  It is the very reason that there is no debate on spying “because others do it too.”  You are either better than your enemies or their mirrored image.

Zimmerman seems like a grade-A sonofabitch, but the courts set him free.  His divorce of other legal tangles are not our concern.  Maybe he does deserve to die, but while giving in to this impulse we create another murder to pay for a murder.  We end up with zero innocents and just a pile of victims.  And even if you only cheer on his suicide, you are not even marginally a better person.  It is a reprehensible violent fantasy without justification.

Shooting Zimmerman does not promote gun reform.  Wishing for his suicide does not promote peace or change or do any kind of justice for Trayvon.  It propagates a culture of violence that perpetually unravels into a twisted rabble of vengeful chaos and finger pointing.

And as only Ridley Scott’s script could say for me:

It is a Kingdom of Conscience, or nothing…No one is a man who does not render the world better.

Author: The Blue Route