Jump Ship From Obama? And Go Where?

Look… so that I won’t have to say it over and over, to those who messaged me that Obama’s no better than Bush and that it’s now time to “jump ship,” here’s my answer;

1) Jump ship to where? There are two major parties in this country, and I’m going to support the team that most closely reflects my ideology, warts and all. Abandoning the Democrats reduces my choices dramatically. And voting for the Greens or whomever, means my vote will go down a black hole, which in the end, benefits the R’s. Why would I do that?

2) Do I support every single thing this administration has done? No, of course not. That would be statistically impossible. But I will continue to support the team that signed the Lily Ledbetter bill into law, rather than ignoring it. That outlawed TORTURE, rather than making it policy. That went after and killed Osama bin Laden, rather than concentrating on which tough-talk slogans would sell best in South Possumfart. The team that’s taking us OUT of the quagmires, rather than immersing us in them.

3) And it’s my right to do so – so rather than sending me funky graphics of Bush and Obama morphed together, how about you propose your alternative? If President Obama has disappointed you, and I get that, then what’s your solution? Before you “jump ship,” maybe you’d better make sure you’re not jumping aboard the Titanic, and dragging everyone else with you. This NSA phone records sweep is hardly something new, and anybody who thinks it all came to an end soon after it was revealed 8 years ago hasn’t been paying attention. Yes, I’m troubled by it. But not enough to hand the White House over to a President Rand Paul or Marco Rubio.

Author: Bruce Lindner

What say you, the people?