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I watched the movie Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead this Summer.  It was an eye-opening moment to say the least!  Congrats to Joe Cross for making a film that will potentially change the lives of people for the better.

When I first moved back to Poland, Ohio about 15 months ago, I got a physical and all checked out great.  However, my physician informed me that I needed to lose roughly 35 pounds.  He pulled out that dreaded body mass index chart and I was nearly off the charts.  Gulp!

Stunned, I drove home in silence.

Life changes never happen all at once, even when confronted with evidence of danger.  I knew a divorce, the mortgage meltdown, and all the other stresses life can heap on a person had done a number on me.  I also felt that I was quickly recovering and getting back to my old self.  Still the truth is often hard to face.

In my mind, I began to chart a path to complete health.  For many years, I loved to run long distances.  It was a great workout as well as an escape from the busy world.  I did some of my best thinking when I jogged.  Check, put that on the list!  I also wanted to get back to lifting light weights again.  My cousin has a small gym in the basement of his house.  Bingo, that was easy to solve!

Then came the matter of diet.  On that front, I had several choices to ponder.  I love to cook so this did not make it easy for me.  But a few decades ago, I tried a diet, for no good reason because I was really way to thin.  The program is called “Fit for Life.”  That approached called for eating all the fruits you wanted until noon.  Then the plan called for smaller portions of protein with cooked veggies.  All food intake was to stop at 8pm.  I remembered I had tons of energy when on this diet, and truly did run like the wind.

But it was not until I saw Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead that the final pieces of the puzzle clicked into place.  My mind always blends pieces together to form a synthesis of sorts.  But the big question, would I like the juice produced by veggies and fruits.  I had my first taste the night before I left to return to Ohio after visiting my kids.  It was a blend of carrots and apples.  Damn, it was really good!

When I got home I faced an immediate hurdle — the kitchen lacked a juicer.  However, my cousin did have one as luck would have it.  So I had more time to see what I would like and how the new diet would make me feel.

The experiment was an outstanding success.  Granted, I only had juice made from gala apples, carrots, and celery but every time I had some, I felt energized.  More importantly the entire strategy was now in place.  I would eat nothing but veggies and fresh juice in the morning; smaller portions of protein, carbs, cooked vegetables, and carbohydrates, and nothing after 8pm.  Ice cream, snacks, and alcohol will be limited too.  I decided to seek balance rather than a complete make over.  A reboot diet week is in my future.

My running is slowly coming back into place too.  Instead of jogging non-stop, I walk and jog off and on.  Then I usually finish up my workout with some sprints on the football field.  I knew things were coming back strong when I ran four 100 yard dashes non-stop.  So far, I have lost 27 pounds and counting.  Juicing really works!

I encourage everyone to give making fresh juice a try.  You will be amazed how good it tastes and how little processed juice tastes like the real deal.  Plus, the stuff we buy in a store lacks all those good enzymes and micro-nutrients.  I am not even sure I can drink OJ again unless I make it myself.

Joe Cross mentioned in his film that on average, only five percent of a person’s diet consists of micro-nutrients, the stuff we get from fresh fruits and veggies.  Joe went to a 100% micro-nutrient diet.  He had an extreme condition and it required immediate attention.  For me, I am shooting for about 25%.

I am never going back to the patterns that pushed me close to obesity.  I love feeling good and having extra energy.  Life changes are hard and takes a lot of patience, as well as a good strategy.  The only downside is that I have to get new clothes!

It is my hope that you consider giving juicing a try.  There is no wrong or right way other than it is imperative that you start with only about four ounces and build up slowly.

I will be waiting to hear your stories.

Author: Robert Katula

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