Jon Stewart Mocks Michele Bachmann's Speech in Egypt (Video)

Wednesday night on The Daily Show, host Jon Stewart hilariously takes apart Michele Bachmann’s recent speech in Egypt.

Bachmann and two other Tea Party darlings, Steve King and Louis Gohmert, gave a press conference in Egypt this past week. Their purpose was to thank the Egyptian military for overthrowing the “common enemy” Muslim Brotherhood.

As the press conference is introduced on an MSNBC news clip, Stewart sighed, facepalmed, and begged, “Please be a Jimmy Kimmel prank…”

As Bachmann begin her speech in the clip, Stewart mocked her condescending manner of speaking (“Is she addressing an Egyptian kindergarten?”) and face-palmed again as Bachman introduced herself as being a member of the “United States Congress from the United States of America.”

Stewart then questioned if they were really in Egypt and suggested they were just on the fake-moon sound stage, noting the three of them “look afraid they’re going to get all Muslim on them.”

At the end of the clip, The Daily Show sent their own crew over there to apologize for literally sending Egypt “the three stupidest people in America.”

Watch the hilarity below, courtesy of Crooks and Liars.

Author: The Blue Route

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