Jon Stewart Mocks Lindsey '50 Shades of Graham' Over His War Lust With Syria (VIDEO)

Some people just can’t take “No War” for an answer. Take Lindsey Graham. At least that’s what Jon Stewart did last night and the direction Stewart took him was to the wood shed.

Jon mused that most people would be happy about diffusing the Syrian situation without additional bloodshed, but not Lindsey Graham.  No, no, no. Lindsey is just itchin’ to drop a bomb on somebody.

Stewart laments:

“So, we get to take Assad’s chemical weapons, we don’t have to kill anyone, and we did it all just by the talky-talk,” Stewart said.

Sen. Lindsey 50 Shades of Graham (R-SC) this result is considered a “debacle.”

“What am I missing? We might contain a dictator’s chemical weapons stockpile without having to kill innocent civilians in the process or invading a country,” Stewart said.

See the full video below When Jon breaks into his faux southern accent, it’s all over.



Author: David Phillips

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