Jon Stewart Catches John McCain Palling Around With Terrorists! (VIDEO)

Oh, irony of ironies! When Senator McCain–who has never met a war he didn’t want to goose–took his recent visit to Syria, he was asked how are we going to tell the good guys among the rebels from the bad guys. McCain seemed to think this would be pretty easy. Apparently he knows of some super awesome vetting process that discerns freedom fighters from extremists. Cuz you know, extremists never lie. I mean hey, it worked really well in Afghanistan when we armed the Afghan rebels and bin Laden against the Russians.


Not to mention, if McCain has access to the super awesome vetting process, why didn’t he use when he selected his running mate in 2008?

Anyway, when McCain got on the ground in Syria, he posed with the rebels for the photo op below. One problem, see that guy behind McCain in the doorway? His name is Muhammad Nour. A suspected terrorist believed to be involved in a high profile kidnapping case of Shiite pilgrims.

Did Johnny Mc leave the super awesome vetting process on the plane? Well, we know he didn’t leave it in Alaska.

See Jon’s hilarious take down below.



Author: David Phillips

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