John Oliver Says Fox Hosts Deserve The 'Secret Sauce' From Fast Food Workers (VIDEO)

Last night on the Daily Show, interim host John Oliver, covered the current fast food workers strike and countered the thoughts of Fox talking heads on the strikers desire for a minimum wage bump.

Oliver spotlighted four Fox commentators who found no sympathy for those making poverty level wages in a hot greasy kitchen.

Andrea Tantaros blamed Obama (natch) for fast food companies not being able to pay a higher wage. Oliver replied: “Companies always pass on higher profits to their lower-level workers, that’s a fact!”

When Neil Cavuto recalled his time working up the ladder at a local fast food joint, Oliver said “the last job Neil Cavuto was actually qualified for.”

Oliver then pointed out the similarity between Fox News and the fast food industry,  “They sell you something that looks appetizing, but leaves you feeling nauseous for hours afterwards.”

Finally, he closed with this thought on the Fox commentators: “If any of these people happen to come into your restaurant, I’m not saying you should give them the special sauce, I’m just saying it’s pretty clear they deserve it.”

Here’s the video in three parts.




Author: David Phillips

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