John McCain 'Straight Talks' Mother Of Aurora Shooting Victim (VIDEO)

At a town hall meeting Wednesday in Phoenix, John McCain took a question about banning assault weapons from Caren Teves, a mother who lost her son at the infamous movie theater shooting in Aurora, Co. Instead of showing the woman a measure of compassion, McCain dropped his slogan on her telling her he owed her some “straight talk” and then followed up by telling her that an assault weapons ban would never pass the senate.

Which is probably true, but the condescending tone he took toward her was tin-eared at best and disrespectful at worst. Not to mention that one of the reasons an assault weapons ban would not pass was standing right in front of her. You know, the guy holding the microphone. Of course, gun crazy Arizonans cheered McCain’s effort to straighten her out. McCain did start out by applauding Teves’ courage, but his ‘straight talk’ line was not well received.. Teves would later refer to McCain’s behavior at the town hall as “appalling.

Author: David Phillips

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