John McCain Feels The Tea Party Town Hall Love (VIDEO)

Remember those horrendous town halls that Democrats had to suffer through during the health care debate in 2009? Well, they are back. Only this time it was Republican John McCain suffering the slings and arrows of his constituents over immigration. McCain is one of the bipartisan ‘Gang of 8’ seeking to forge a compromise over the knotty issue of the undocumented living in America.

On Tuesday, McCain got served a spot of tea…unsweetened. To McCain’s credit, the irascible codger gave as good as he got. Although he did not appear to be having a very good time trying to debunk the mythology the Fox fed guests were spouting. Still, this version of Mr. Cranky Pants was actually kind of enjoyable. It reminds you of why moderates used to like the guy in the first place. I would like to see more of this McCain, but I have learned not to get my hopes up.

Anyway, do enjoy the live combat below, but pity the poor reporter at the 2:34 mark who interviews the Senator post fracas.


Author: David Phillips

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