John Fugelsang's Advice On Dealing With Conservative Relatives On Thanksgiving (Video)

Wednesday on the ED Show, comedian and liberal activist John Fugelsang gives a few pointers on have to deal with your ‘Obamacare hating’ uncle, your ‘NRA’ uncle, your ‘gay for Reagan’ uncle and your uncle who uses Benghazi as a verb at the dinner table this Thanksgiving.

Here’s an example. When discussing the history of Thanksgiving:

I think you might just want to blow their minds and say that back at the first Thanksgiving, when the Wampanoag fed the Pilgrims, they didn’t know it, but they had just invented socialism for undocumented immigrants. Then they’ll spend the rest of the night trying to process that.

When they start attacking Obamacare, remind them who came up with the idea.

When you get to Obamacare, the main thing to remember when that particular uncle or brother-in-law tries to goad you into some kind of fight, the only way you win is if you leave Thanksgiving and everyone loves each other. You’ve gotta be the liberal, you’ve gotta be the good guy, you’ve gotta be the peacemaker, you’ve gotta go full-on Jimmy Carter.

All you gotta say is, “look, I know they’re having problems. I originally supported single payer, but President Obama took a Republican plan made by the Republican Heritage Foundation, implemented by a Republican Massachusetts Governor, upheld by a Republican Supreme Court and a year from now, I predict it will have helped one of the Republicans at this table.”

For the rest of Fugelsang’s Thanksgiving advice, please check out the video below.


Author: The Blue Route

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