Joe Scarborough: Ted Cruz 'Is A Total Train Wreck' (VIDEO)

Continuing his daily lambasting of Republican politicians and pundits, former House GOP member (FLA) and MSNBC host of “Morning Joe,” Joe Scarborough aimed his ire at Ted Cruz this morning.

Scarborough said,

“Have you seen what Ted Cruz is doing?” Scarborough asked. “Ted Cruz is attacking anybody who’s not willing to shut down the government over Obamacare. He’s lambasting fellow conservatives like Tom Coburn — Tom Coburn! — and saying that he serves in the ‘surrender caucus.’”

“I need to be very careful about what I’m going to say here,” Scarborough continued. “Ted Cruz comes in obviously so completely ignorant about the war that Tom Coburn has been fighting for twenty years, and to say something like this about Tom Coburn — Ted Cruz, he is a total train wreck.”

Panel guest, Editor in Chief of Newsweek and the Daily Beast, Tina Brown, went even further, comparing Cruz to the “Taliban.”

Video below.

Author: David Phillips

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