It Just has to Stop – We Must Unite in Times of Tragedy

We are all Americans

Coverage of the aftermath of a tornado that wiped out Moore, Oklahoma has been horrific.  My heart goes out to everyone who lost a child, a home, and a large part of their community.  There simply are no words to describe how a tragedy of this magnitude affects a person.

Equally troubling have been the posts I read tonight on Facebook and Twitter.  Comments from Democrats and Republicans on the tragedy sadden and distress me.  Who cares, at this point, if Senators from Oklahoma voted against aid for the victims of Super Storm Sandy?  And for those on the right who made derogatory remarks about President Obama as third graders lay dead in the rubble, I can only say what is wrong with you?

This nonsense just has to stop!  When a disaster hits, we should act as Americans and forget about scoring political points.

If tomorrow, I see someone who looks and sounds like Eric Cantor saying that budget offsets are required for aid to Oklahoma (over 20 counties are affected in the last two days), I might lose it.  Or, if a Democrat starts talking about global warming and how more horrible storms are on the way, I just might scream (even if I personally agree with this perspective).

This nonsense just has to stop.  Politics must regain some civility sooner rather than later.  Nothing ever gets done when finger pointing ensues.

The only appropriate response, as we go to bed tonight, is to say a prayer for all those affected.  From the families who lost loved ones, to first responders who again had to witness the carnage of young bodies as they are pulled from the rubble.

Imagine, if you can, what may have happened when Japan attacked Pearl Harbor and instead of unity, we had division.  Or, when President Kennedy committed this nation to send a man to the moon and back in less than a decade, one party decided to severely cut funding for NASA because they hated the president.

This nonsense really must come to an end.  Regardless of our party affiliation, we are all Americans in times good and bad.

Let’s say a prayer for the citizens of Moore, Oklahoma and for our great country.  Let us have the wisdom to be compassionate toward one another instead of focusing on petty differences that make us look small and weak.


Author: Robert Katula

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