It Is Time To PUSH BACK On Darrell Issa

It is time to PUSH BACK. We have been patient with Rep. Darrell Issa beyond reason – indeed, beyond sanity. There is no substance to his many insinuations. What’s more, we have seen this act before. It is time to demand his censure.

Like Senator McCarthy sixty years back, Issa’s fishing expeditions are but a desperate quest to craft evidence from vapors, a network of fabrications of the foulest variety. Where McCarthy stumbled, however, Issa treads effortlessly.

The congressman, you see, was around to learn the lessons of the Clinton era.

Fifteen years ago, Darrell Issa was running for office. He was unsuccessful in his bid for the U.S. Senate, of course, but that wasn’t the headline in 1998. That year, America was riveted by the spectacle of special prosecutor Kenneth Starr conducting a fishing expedition of his own.

Starr had understood McCarthy’s mistake. He recognized that, for a congressional investigation to bring an administration to its knees, it must merely persist. Sooner or later, the prosecution will, if left to its own devices, concoct some indiscretion and exploit that very issue.

So all Issa needs to do now is to keep the investigation going.

The congressman from California’s 49th district is using the IRS investigation for political purposes, fishing for any means to discredit (and thus politically neuter) our president – just like Starr did in 1998. If no one pushes back, Issa will eventually ensnare President Obama in his net, not through any grievous sin but – like President Clinton before him – by personal and private indiscretions.

The IRS investigations are merely a means to impugn the integrity of our president, and nothing more. That much is evident. Such conduct is unbecoming, and thus brings dishonor and shame upon the whole body of Congress.

The nation needs a coalition of congressional representatives to come together in one voice demanding nothing less than Issa’s full censure. Unless Americans speak up in protest, Darrell Issa will render Obama’s second term impotent.

To be censured is to be publicly reprimanded for inappropriate conduct; Issa’s witch hunt is, if anything, worthy of the formal condemnation of his congressional peers.

When one thinks of the squandered resources, the time and opportunities stolen away by Issa and his ilk, and the money wasted on endless expeditions, Issa should count himself lucky that America isn’t demanding his resignation instead. Real people suffer while the Republicans drive the ship of state aground. This is no exaggeration, either – Americans are at the end of their ropes.

As another congressional term dwindles away without progress, without solutions to the suffering, the country loses hope.

The Culture War rages on endlessly, testing the nation’s fabric and dividing families against each other, while our conservative Congress twiddles its thumbs. The economy lags, and real humans suffer as a result, but the Republican Congress does nothing. And still they find the time to conduct countless investigations, and to recklessly demagogue against every liberal proposal under the sun.

Representative Issa’s conduct exemplifies that corruption, that corrosive decay upon the nation. He deserves censure, and Americans should demand nothing less.

A censure is a warning whose aim is the reformation of the person and prevention of further offensive behavior. In this instance however, Darrell Issa’s censure would also be a message sent, a shot across the bow to the party in power saying:

There will be consequences if you continue to squander our nation’s prosperity and to neglect the common good.

Remember Kenneth Starr’s tenacity, his creativity; do not give Rep. Issa the same opportunity to derail another Democratic administration’s agenda. Remember McCarthy, and his censure in 1954; remember the lessons learned from allowing such demagoguery to persist.

Demand reprimand. Demand Issa’s censure. Demand an end to the witch hunt.

Call your congressman or woman – better yet, show up at their office – in large number. Email them. But make yourself heard. Flex your muscle. Remember, the corporations write legislation because the average American sits on the political sidelines. Get engaged.

Push back. Demand Issa’s censure and an end to the Republican Congress’s neglect of its obligations to the general welfare.

You can sign a petition to Start proceedings to charge Darrell Issa with ethics violations, and remove him from Congress here:

Written by Corey McLaughlin for Common Culture: Midwest and The Big Slice.


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