Iraq War Veteran Kicked Out Of Restaurant By Owner For Having Service Dog (VIDEO)

James Glaser and “Jack”

In Oxford, Massachusetts, a 21-year Air Force and Iraq War veteran got an unexpected “welcome” when he and his service dog tried to patronize a restaurant with an insensitive and unsympathetic owner.

As Firebrand Progressives reports, James Glaser and his service dog, “Jack”, tried to get some breakfast from Big I’s restaurant. Glaser has the service dog because he suffers from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). The dog has been trained to have a calming effect on Glaser whenever he exhibits symptoms of PTSD, such as being frightened, having night terrors while sleeping, or getting upset.

Upon entering the restaurant, a cook and the owner, Russell Ireland, made it clear that the two were not welcome. Glaser produced the documentation proving that he suffers from PTSD and “Jack” was a service dog. The owner still refused to serve him. Then Glaser contacted the police, who tried to convince Ireland that the dog was indeed a certified service dog.

That still wasn’t good enough. The heartless, hard-headed owner challenged the authenticity of the dog’s service status and did not allow Glaser and “Jack” back into the restaurant.

James Glaser and “Jack”

That’s when Glaser decided to go public with what happened at Big I’s restaurant.

“We just got into the restaurant and I hear get that fake service dog out of my restaurant,” he said.

Ireland, apparently a self-acclaimed service dog expert, said the dog is a ‘stress dog’ meant to give him ‘emotional support.’

“How much emotional support do you need when you are eating breakfast?” Ireland said.

Sounds like a real good way to drum up business, huh?

Glaser is filing an Americans with Disabilities Act complaint. The American Disabilities Act says restaurants and other businesses must, “allow someone with PTSD to bring in a service animal that has been trained to calm the person when he or she has an anxiety attack.”

As for Ireland? He’s still not backing down.

He says he apologizes to any veteran who has a “legitimate service dog” but will not apologize to Glaser.

“I don’t want him in my establishment at all. The gentleman threatened to sue me,” Ireland said.

Here is Big I’s Facebook page with all the contact information on it. Ireland says that he has had many angry callers, as he should.

Please watch the video below, courtesy of WHDH 7 News.

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